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Jewish monumental inscriptions are worth finding as they can show entire family relationships.The Hebrew inscription should include the deceased’s Hebrew name which will also show the name of the deceased’s father.Conference Recording For those unable to attend the Conference, “IAJGS LIVE! Most Conference lectures will be audio recorded, and some will have their slides captured.” will give you the opportunity to hear over 60 lectures streamed live from the Conference. These will also be noted on the final Conference schedule.Many orthodox Jews in the 19th century ignored the requirement that all marriages be registered with the civil authorities despite repeated calls from the Registrar General for the practice to stop and the threat of penalties.

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Burial registers are kept by the individual congregations and from 1886 show the deceased’s place and country of birth.After 1837, Jewish marriages can be found in the civil registers.Look for the Ketubah which is the formal Jewish marriage contract written in Aramaic with an English translation.Prior to and during the Conference, a Conference App will continuously update program changes.In addition, signage outside presentation rooms at the Conference will keep you current.

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