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Curiously, a cream pickguard was also mentioned again, but many, if not most, Peavey guitars and basses in Frost Blue were seen with black pickguards. The T-40 and T-45 remained on a November ’84 price list, along with several similar guitars, under a heading titled “Technology Series.” There was also a “Contemporary” series of three guitars, and an “Impact Series” of seven guitars and five basses.That particular color scheme on the T-20 may have delighted budget-minded bassists who aspired to emulate Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris. The first bass listed in the Impact Series was the Fury.Introduced in 1982, Peavey’s T-20 was different from other basses in the Peavey lineup, the two-pickup T-40, and the single-pickup T-45.The T-40 (“Bass Space” October ’06) and its six-string sibling, the T-60, debuted as the first instruments to be made with parts carved using CNC machines, and their necks were bilaminated and pre-stressed.Here you will find fun little tidbits of information about the T-60, Peavey, and the manufacturing process........much of which was pioneered by Chip and Hartley Peavey.A close perusal of a first edition Fury indicates that differences between that model and a T-20 include the nut, an even-sleeker body shape (cutaway horns that are more pointed), a narrower pickguard that conforms to the body silhouette, and a trapezoid-shaped bridge, as found on Foundation and Patriot basses (also members of the Impact Series).

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It was balanced, easy to play, and the potent new pickup was bright and beefy.

The T-40 had a 20-fret neck, while the T-45 had a 21-fret neck.

Both instruments had the industry-standard scale of 34″.

Their pickups had a unique system that converted the output from humbucking to single-coil.

Marketed with founder Hartley Peavey’s mantra of “quality products for working musicians at fair prices” in mind, the T-60 and T-40 were an instant success.

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