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They may be anxious about many different things, but they are anxious nonetheless.

Your date may feel anxious about whether you will be attracted to them; whether you will think they are successful enough; whether you think they are interesting enough; and so on.

When you start a relationship, you want to feel like you and the person you’re with are starting fresh.

Oversharing about an ex smears the past all over the present.

When healthy men and women go on a date, they don’t want to feel like they are with someone who feels the need to prove what their financial situation is.

If you stay together, there is plenty of time to get to know each other’s financial circumstances. Oversharing about the personal lives of close friends or family members Oversharing about the details of someone else’s life – someone who is close to you and whom your date could potentially meet in the future – shows poor boundaries and a lack of respect for the privacy of that individual.

-- he pulls out a paper rose and says, "Baby, I know it's crazy, but I think I love you." Crazy? Or worse, the love-struck party might just be faking it in order to win his or her way into the heart (and bedroom) of a new love.

Men and women who overshare early in dating do it out of anxiety.

Most of all, if you overshare about someone else early in the relationship, your date will understandably wonder, w Part of being an adult involves having good boundaries and knowing when the right time is to get extremely personal.

The takeaway On a date, it should only feel like there are two people in the room: the two of you!

It's your third date with Zac and things are going great.

You're amazed at how many things you have in common: food, music, even your favorite cartoon as a kid.

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