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That's me anyway - I think a serious relationship / family is worth far more than a job or even a career. If she wants to strip for the long term, then shahab6 can make his assessment.

And what I would find upsetting, is that if after a year of working in an industry that is actively making the partner subject to distressing emotions, if that doesn't bother the person working in the industry, then I wouldn't want to date them, because I'd think their priorities were wrong. He can support her decision and happily stay with her, or tell her he can tell her how he feels. Just to clarify, the girl I was dating was often performing sexual acts as well as stripping and all kinds of other shit on the side..

I can't deny that was part of why, I think, nothing happened as far as a relationship.

It pretty much ended as soon as she went back to work. I think it's perfectly reasonable / rational to expect somebody to change their job for the betterment of a relationship. You know, getting naked in front of the camera and stuff like that.

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Honestly - it's not healthy for most peoples relationships, some people sure - would never ever be bothered, but most would to some degree.However, for me my life got crazy enough in a month that I packed my shit in the middle of the night while she was working and left a note in order to avoid potential violence or scenes. Generally it didn't bother me that much, but there were some nights, when I was feeling really down/depressed and just wanted to be with her and I knew she was out, trashed in a sleazy bar taking her clothes off for other guys.Wasn't the best and I wouldn't really recommend it.I'd never condone telling someone else they need to quit their job, but I think it's up to that person at some stage to prioritise their relationship over their work..I'd say that about ANY kind of work, that interfered with a loving relationship, not just sex work, but any work. I would be an advocate about the OP communicating to the his girlfriend about her future goals since it's a concern to him, but I wouldn't hassle her about quitting her job early on.

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