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An opposing theory, however, suggests that olfactory receptors respond not to the molecular structure, but to the frequency at which an odour’s atoms vibrate, so just a few receptors can sense a huge range of smells.six-figure salaries.They spend around three years as a trainee perfumer – by the end of which they must be able to identify 2,000 ingredients by smell alone – and another four years as an apprentice.Only 1,000 1oz bottles of the men’s version are released each year, priced at £1,260.Using ingredients such as Tahitian vanilla and Indian sandalwood, every batch smells different. Get it in the limited-edition 500ml Baccarat crystal bottle – with an 18ct-gold, diamond-adorned collar – only ten of which have been produced. Not everything that goes into a fragrance is sweet.

‘Pulse points’ work: on the wrists and the collarbone, where blood is closest to the surface of the skin.

Fragrance design today is increasingly about pressing subliminal buttons to create a sense of well-being, safety or nostalgia.

Niche brands have made welcoming smells their pitch: Demeter produces Laundromat, and Smell This offers Cookie Dough and Fresh Towels.

According to fragrance expert Roja Dove, ‘There is nothing inherently masculine or feminine about a fragrance – it’s all marketing.’ More than half of all men’s colognes are bought by women, which is why the best-selling men’s fragrances are those best liked by women (something the industry’s ‘noses’ are very conscious of).

An estimated one-third of men’s fragrances sold are bought by women to wear themselves.

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