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In 2009, the Supreme Court of Russia upheld a lower court ruling that declared 34 pieces of Jehovah's Witness literature as "extremist," including their magazine in Russian.Jehovah’s Witnesses have been officially banned from the port city of Taganrog since 2009, after a local court ruled the organization guilty of inciting religious hatred by “propagating the exclusivity and supremacy” of their religion, according to the British newspaper .Anton Omelchenko, a lawyer working for the defendants, told According to Mr Omelchenko, a number of other cases brought against Jehovah’s Witnesses in other parts of Russia began in 2008.But almost all of them ended in exoneration and rehabilitation for the believers, he said.In 2015, a court in Rostov convicted 16 Jehovah's Witnesses of practicing extremism in Taganrog, handing out jail sentences — later suspended — of more than 5 years for five of the defendants and stiff fines for the others.A little good news on the doorstep can be a dangerous thing."In Stalin's time, when I was a child, the whole family was deported to Siberia only because we were Jehovah's Witnesses.

The religious group's press service said its religious programs do not include banned materials and that officials have notified authorities whenever anyone brings such literature into their building.

“But my religion isn’t at all connected to the extremism for which I’m charged.

My religion is separate, connected to the Bible, to the reading of religious texts.

“We will appeal against the decision,” said Nikolai Troysyuk, one of the four senior members of the group.

Born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses in western Ukraine, Mr Troysyuk, now a pensioner and part-time handyman, said that he hoped to avoid being sent to prison.

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